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It was a fun evening!  Really one of the best acts we have ever seen!” R/C. M.


I thought the show was fantastic.  It was totally different than I expected.  I had not reviewed the Youtube connection prior to the show.  I was able to lose my woes in the entertainment, which is exactly what we are trying to accomplish.  I love the new venue.  I hope we can continue to afford the Civic Center.  You two do a wonderful job selecting the entertainers.  I am so grateful we are part of Starz on Stage.” – L.H.


We loved the show.  Such wonderful talent & 'clean' comedy.  What professionalism displayed with the performance so soon after their accident.  We would see them again!” – K.T. & H.A.


The Tenors' individual CDs were an absolute steal at $20 & provided "extra" wonderful performances of their personal styles beyond the terrific production we enjoyed at the Civic. Bravo Redneck Tenors!  Bravo Joy & Gary! Starz On Stage, you got 'er done!” –N.B.


What a great show!  The zingers were flying so fast and furious that we could hardly catch our breath before the next volley started.  They are true professionals to be able to put on a top shelf performance after sustaining injuries in an accident.  What beautiful voices!  Joy & Gary sure know how to pick quality shows!  Thank you for a fantastic evening!” – C.S.


Both of us thought that was one of the best shows yet!  We never stopped laughing.  The talent was superb while giving music ranging from opera to pop to country & all interspersed with quick wit dialogue spontaneous to the moment.  Anyone who missed this show truly missed an evening of top enjoyment.” – S.H. & K.B.


Thanks so much for the opportunity to see the tenors Wednesday night.  Great to laugh while also enjoying great voices!” – P.C.


Enjoyed the concert - wish they would have sung more.  Great voices & stage presence.  Don’t know how the young tenor could sing with cracked ribs.” – C.W.


“Unblievable talent. Being a fellow red neck, I fact spell.” – J.K.


I had a fun night enjoying the Rednecks.  It has been ages since I have had one good laugh after another.  The frosting on the cake was experiencing the incredible voices of these gentlemen.  I found myself thinking several time during the evening how lucky and blessed we were to have such outstanding talent entertain us right here in Helena.” – L.G.    


What a show!!  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time so it was good medicine for me.  And their music was fabulous to boot.  I was impressed that they were able to get to Helena in time for the show and even more impressed they could perform with broken ribs and all.  I hope they can come back soon.” – W.S.


We had so much fun! It was a pleasure having these incredible vocalists with us at Starz. Thank you for bringing them to Helena.” – A.F.

DSC_0337.JPGDown Home Crazy Night...
With Laughs Galore!!!

REALY GUYS...in front of the Restrooms

Texas Duck Pond & Metropolitan Opera Collide with the Civic Center Ballroom